Privacy Statement

About this privacy statement

With this privacy statement, About Privacy informs you as clearly as possible about what data About Privacy uses, for what purposes and what we do to protect your privacy.

In brief

About privacy processes as little personal data as possible. We process data within the framework of privacy laws. Personal data will not be sold, further processed or provided to others.

MATOMO (Piwik)

We use the open source software Matomo On-Premise (formerly Piwik) to track usage statistics on our website. This is a (privacy-friendly) alternative to Google Analytics.

We collect the following data:

  • Retrieved web pages and downloads
  • IP address (the traceability of visitors is limited as much as possible by anonymizing the last digit groups of each IP address) (e.g.: 192.100.000.***)
  • User agents (browsers, operating system)
  • Used devices (type, brand)
  • Location (based on anonymized IP addresses)
  • Session cookies are functional cookies designed to make the website work properly.

Functional cookies do not require website visitors to ask for permission first.


If you use the contact form on the website, the following personal data may be processed: Name, email address, and optionally your phone number.

Comments on blog post

When comments are posted under articles (blogs) on our website, IP addresses and, where entered by visitors, e-mail addresses and names are stored in the process. IP addresses are stored only to prevent spam. Only the administrator(s) of About Privacy can see this data. This data is kept as long as the comment in question is visible on the website.

third-party cookies

On some parts of the website, for example where YouTube videos are shown, you may still find third-party cookies. We therefore recommend that you always use an adblocker.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), among other things, you have the right to inspect the personal data we collect from you and, in certain cases, to amend or delete it.

To exercise your rights, you may send us a request by e-mail or postal mail using the contact information provided below. To fulfill your request, we may ask for further information to verify your identity.