Our Vision

At aboutprivacy.com you will find information, tips and tools to protect your privacy. We do not believe in fear mongering or conspiracy theories. Privacy is valuable to everyone.Indeed, About Privacy believes in a future where everyone has the freedom to choose what and with whom he shares his personal information. A future where no one organization has or can create a monopoly on knowledge and information.

Privacy: lawmakers don't understand it, and users don't get it

Our Mission

About Privacy wants the Internet to be a place where everyone can gather information in confidence and share it as they choose.

Our mission is to create more awareness around privacy. We do this by offering accessible information and resources free of charge to as many people as possible .


All guides and articles are written in a simple and informative style. Everything published on this site is honest, independent, free and open to all.

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Many websites are paid to write reviews by the companies/services they “review.” To ensure neutrality, About Privacy does not post paid reviews, ratings or ads upon request.

When you purchase a book or router on bol.com (Affiliate) through a link on this site, we receive a small commission from bol.com at no additional cost to you. This is how you support About Privacy.

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