Best documentaries about privacy

There are documentaries you just have to have seen. Therefore, here, in our opinion, the best documentaries on privacy and technology

1. The great hack - Netflix

Learn how the Cambridge Analytica data company became a symbol of the dark side of social media in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This docu clearly explains what a like on (for example) Facebook says about you, and how this is then used to influence you.

2. What makes you click - VPRO Tegenlicht

What ingenious smarts and other digital tricks make us throw our digital shopping cart as full as possible? Or staying on a website as long as possible? Or vote for a particular candidate? Very interesting docu about influence. 

3. The Social dilemma - Netflix

We tweet, like, and share-but what are the consequences of our growing reliance on social media? This documentary-drama shows how social media is reprogramming civilization, with even tech giants sounding the alarm about their own creations.

4. Terms and conditions may apply - YouTube

Do you read the terms of use and privacy policies associated with the website you visit, the phone calls you make, or app you use? Very probably not. You agree in good faith, even if it means you may be selling your soul in the process. What do you actually agree to when you click the “agree” button?